Experience the Perigord Noir… The Perigord Noir is located between the valleys of the rivers Vézère and Dordogne in the Southeast of France, in the ‘Dordogne’ department.

Discover our history… The extremely pleasing climate, the unique combination of furtile valleys and steep cliffs allowing people to lodge en shelter and the unique landscape carved by the Dordogne and the Vézère in the porous lime-plateaus, have mave made the Perigord Noir one of man’s favourite places of residence since prehistoric times.. The residences of our ancestors in this region are so numerous that Les Eyzies de Tayac, a small town at the banks of the Vézère, is nicknamed “world capital of prehistory”.

Visit the marvellous castles, settlements and medieval towns… When wandering through the towns and villages of the Perigord Noir you will find many houses built in the typical gold-yellow natural brick, covered with the even remarkable flat roof tiles. Meanwhile, many of these villages received the title of “most beautiful village in France”. Every walk through the small romantic streets and lanes of the towns and villages of the Perigord Noir will give you the opportunity to discover the beauty and wealth of this remarkably well preserved region! When visiting the Perigord Noir, you shouldn’t miss the city of Sarlat, a real medieval crown jewel. Sarlat offers its numerous visitors not only the most enchanting walks through its small alleys but also a very rich cultural and gastronomic patrimony. Taste our regional specialities like the foies gas, truffles, cèpes and nut tart… You love the French cuisine? The very furtile soil of the Perigord Noir can offer you an incredible assortment of delicacies like truffles, nuts en all kinds of mushrooms In the Perigord Noir you also come across plenty of goose and duck-farms delivering the ‘material’ for the world-famous foies gras. Why don’t you discover the cultural, historical en gastronomic treasures of the Perigord Noir yourself! More about: Perigord Sarlat Monpazier Bergerac Le Bugue Perigueux Castles: Biron Monbazillac Les Milandes Losse