chateau milandes

chateau milandes , Former residence of Josephine Baker
Private Residence – I.S.M.H. listed

Women have the place of honour in Les Milandes!
Built in 1489 by François de Caumont, Lord of Castelnaud, for his wife Claude de Cardaillac who wished a “house” that would be less austere than the feudal Castelnaud, this Renaissance chateau benefits from a wonderful panorama onto the valley of the Dordogne. Lauzes-covered roofs (flat stones), panellings, large mullioned windows, and wonderfully preserved stained-glass windows give it its undisputable beauty. You’ll see there Renaissance fireplaces or Art-Déco bathrooms, and gargoyles watching over the garden and over its century-old magnolias.

Les Milandes is forever linked to the extraordinary personality of Josephine Baker; come and discover her life here: wax statues lent by Musée Grévin in Paris, mythical objects such as her genuine banana belt, stage costumes, undisclosed documents… all this to lead you to discover Josephine’s incredible destiny.

Once you’ve discovered the chateau, why not attend a wonderful falconry show: buzzards, hawks, owls make their show in a magical environment. If falconry is today a mysterious and rather unknown art, it used to be very much used by all feudal lords in the Middle-Ages..

chateau milandes
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