Perigord is a whole world
A whole beautiful world. The rest is nothing but poetry or literature sometimes made of genius.
Perigord is aware that its scenery and regional products are the touch of The Creator with a lighter hand than elsewhere.

Perigord is popular
Even when it bustles with visitors in the summer, there is still room for the sunsets on ochre stone, for afternoons spent listening to the song of a gentle breeze caressing the leaves of the poplar trees, for dabbling your feet in crystal waters, and for walks, horse-rides or bike-rides under the chestnut trees.
It’s during moments like these that you’ll really come to understand this multi-faceted region.

Perigord is a sanctuary
It has managed to keep hold of the things that are important. It is filled with scents that will trigger your fondest memories, with landscapes that seem to be taken from children’s dreams, with caves that gave birth to a part of humanity. From time to time, it is nice to know that there is a place where you are sure to find the real beauty of the world. The rivers, châteaux, the clean air and fine food are an added advantage.

Over the next few pages, you may possibly have trouble deciding where to go, how to take in this region. Just listen to your own intuition! What we are ourselves should be our only guide.

With a holiday cottage to stay in, there are new discoveries to be made every day in the 4 regions of Perigord – they’ve got endless pleasures in store for you.
From ponds and the Nontronnais forests, via the Bergeracois wine trails and Sarladais tracks. It’s going to take you a while to explore it all.

And if the summer heat leaves you listless, autumn and spring are the times to wander through quiet streets of Sarlat or to find out what’s inside the thick walls of the region’s châteaux. The seasons roll by slowly and from Easter to the All Saints Day holidays, the range of colours used by The Great Painter in the Sky are enough of a reason to stop for a while in Perigord. And even winter, sometimes so grey, is different here – it is like a temple where time seems to stand still. Take a comfortable chair in front of a huge Perigordian fireplace. Open the pages of time to meditate or dream, stroll and observe… or just… love.

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